Slip & Suck

A quick slip of my fingers once again seemed to man her moan and squirm in sync as her eyes flickered shut, her hands running slow across the soft skin of her midriff and my lips, pressing cold onto her inner thighs as a small, damp patch sprawled quickly over the sheets. I kept my pace slow, steady – you know the old fable of the tortoise and the hare. If I were going to get anywhere tonight I’d have to make sure she won the pleasure race. The arch in her back seemed to come and go like fireworks, there one second; gone the next and amazingly beautiful when a glimpse was caught at the right time. Her breasts hung in the lace clad black bra I’d decided to leave on. They’d be my next port of call; on occasion, I’d reach up pulling at the fabric for a peak. “Harry..”. Her voice weakened and childlike sent shivers through my veins and the feeling of sharp knives coasting up my spine. I knew she was trouble from the first moment I saw her. She knew I was trouble from when our lips – they met. The party downstairs at her parents house seemed to only be getting started when we found each other in the kitchen - hips tight, swaying; emotions attached. It was love at first sight; only it would have been if her boyfriend weren’t here tonight. My tongue trailing over her slit; wet and plump, remembering the last time we’d spent the night like this got another moan, this one muffled by the pillow she’d silenced herself with. Knuckle between her teeth no good. My fingers kept moving; softly – pumping, her legs shaking, toes curling, hands clawing at the sheets across her sisters bed. Thumb tracing along her clit; her thighs enclosed me, the soft skin on either side of my face warm, pulling me in. I lapped at her gently; hands wrapped at her hips, tracing down to her legs – the taste so sweet, so sour, so unique; like something you’d wish to have all to yourself on a warm summers day. “A little faster…”. Her every wish, my command. I wondered if the stubble across my cheeks worried her, I wondered if each breath I took sent sensations to her spine. I sucked, I pulled at the skin gently, I let my teeth roll gently and soon enough her hands were down, lifting my head for her to look at me. “I need more than this.”

Anything for you tonight, princess.